Information about UAL’s review of timetabling

Why is UAL having a review of timetabling?

CELCAT was introduced to all colleges as a standardised system for timetabling in 2013. Since then, colleges and UAL central teams have worked hard to embed the system and develop and adapt processes to better manage timetabling.

Before further embedding system usage and supporting processes, UAL is reviewing the implementation and use of the timetabling system and the effectiveness of supporting processes, with the objective of identifying improvements to improve the experience of timetabling for staff and students.


The review will run from now until the end of July 2015 when a report detailing areas of improvement will be presented to the Timetabling Governance Board.


The review will include academic course timetabling, but also consider timetabling more broadly to look at room bookings and timetabling for non-course events.

The review will cover improvements to the system and supporting processes.

Out of scope

The review will not be considering changes to staffing structures within timetabling.


The review will be led by central Academic Registry on behalf of UAL and the colleges.

The review will involve all stakeholder groups to ensure that the wide range of staff and students with a direct or indirect role and interest in timetabling are given the chance to participate. This engagement will take place through:
– face-to-face meetings with individuals and teams
– workshops with stakeholders groups in colleges
– student surveys
– working with CELCAT to review UAL’s use of the system

Staff and students will be asked to participate in review activities to help identify areas for improvement with two distinct areas of timetabling.

Firstly the system review will identify how UAL can use CELCAT differently to improve staff and student experiences, as well as looking at what other systems UAL could be using to support timetabling and providing students with their course timetables.

Secondly the process review will identify what UAL does in the process of providing staff and students with timetables and how this can be improved.

This blog will provide news and updates¬†about the timetabling review. See the ‘latest updates’ page for the latest information.

If you would like to get involved or have any comments, please contact Nicky Riley at